MXA-MPL Modero X® and Modero S Series Multi Preview Live

The Modero X/S Series Multi Preview Live is a touch panel accessory that displays a HD digital video stream on Modero X and Modero S Series Touch Panels when used in conjunction with an Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switcher or Enova DGX Digital Media Switcher. The MXA-MPL accepts analog or digital video inputs over HDMI and converts them to a video stream. The MXP-MPL also supports all of the features of the MXA-MP, displaying up to 10 JPEG preview images on panels. The MXA-MPL makes it easy for users to quickly identify what is currently being displayed by up to 10 source devices.

Common Applications

Use the MXA-MPL to preview a live video stream or snapshot of the content from a source device before switching to that source.


  • Supports one HD digital video stream or up to 10 preview images
  • Updates all 10 preview images sequentially or one image continuously
  • Streams digital and analog video sources to a Modero X Series Touch Panel
  • Multi-format video input accepts RGB, Component, Composite, or S-Video via an optional DVI connector adapter
  • Seamlessly interconnects between a Modero X Series Touch Panel and an Enova DGX or Enova DVX

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