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Not available for French market
  • HCONTROL HYBRID is a thin multifoil insulation with built-in vapour control function. The product is composed of 20 layers, including coated metal reinforced polyolefin external films, coated metal polyolefin films, polyolefin foams and polyester wadding. HCONTROL HYBRID is typically installed on the warm side of roof, wall, ceiling or suspended floor constructions. The product should be installed in a continuous layer to guarantee contiguous insulation, airtightness and prevent any water vapour diffusion through the structure. Product features: - Thickness: 45mm - Weight: 950g/m² - Declared thermal performance: Core thermal resistance: 1.9 m²K/W Thermal resistance with 2 air cavities of 20mm (heat flow horizontal): 3.2 m²K/W Declared emissivity: 0.06 - Water vapour resistance: >1000MNs/g - Water tightness: W1 - Air permeability: Airtight - Fire rating: NPD - Roll size: 1.6 x 6.25m - Area: 10m²/roll - Non-hazardous with no special requirements for installation or disposal of waste - Life expectancy: The product is expected to remain effective for the service life of the building provided that it is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and certification. Uniclass Code: Pr_25_57_06_57 Multifoil Blanket Insulation HCONTROL HYBRID is CE-marked in accordance with EN13984. HCONTROL HYBRID has been designed for and fully tested in accordance with the EN 16012 standard for reflective insulation, including the application of 90/90. All testing of the product has been carried out by accredited independent test houses including VTT Expert Services Ltd. The product has been tested in-situ according to ISO9869 by Glasgow Caledonian University. HCONTROL HYBRID has been awarded LABC and LABSS Registered Detail, is accepted by NHBC and holds BM Trada Q-mark.
Spécifications techniques
  • Réference unique.hcontrolhybrid
  • Famille de produitsInsulation
  • Groupe de produitsMultifoil blanket Insulation
  • TypeMatériaux de construction
  • Date de publication2016-11-10
  • Numéro d'édition1
  • Hauteur (mm)6250
  • Largeur (mm)1600
  • Profondeur (mm)45
En rapport
  • Matériel principalPolyéthylène
  • Matériel secondaireAluminium
  • Conçu enFrance
  • Fabriqué enFrance
  • BIMobject CatégorieMatériaux de construction - Isolation
  • Classification IFCÉlément de construction
  • Nom UNSPSCInsulation
  • Code UNSPSC3014
  • Code Uniclass 2015Pr_25_57_06_57
  • Description de l'Uniclass 2015Multifoil blanket insulation

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