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Royal Paint - Decorative Paint

Royal Paint - Decorative Paint

Super-matt water-based wall paint, with highly resistant selected pigments and fillers. Exceptional white

point and yield. Perfectly washable and water-repellent, with easy to brush and flow properties.

  • Suitable for high quality painting of both internal and external masonry surfaces. Applicable on plasters

    based on hydraulic binders, gypsum or plasterboard, and conglomerates of various absorbent natures, both

    new and old, as long as they do not crumble. Suitable in environments where food is produced, processed

    and distributed. Royal Paint washable complies with the UNI 11021:2002 standard “Paints and varnishes.

    Products and systems for painting environments with the presence of food (test report n.27/2016 issued by

    TERMOTECH ECO srl). to guarantee the compliance of the surfaces according to the HACCP protocol to

    prevent possible food contamination.

Spécifications techniques
  • Réference unique.royal-paint-decorative-paint
  • Famille de produitsdecorative paint
  • Groupe de produitsRoyal Paint
  • TypeMatériaux de construction
  • Date de publication2023-03-29
  • Numéro d'édition1
En rapport
  • Conçu enItalie
  • Fabriqué enItalie
  • BIMobject CatégorieMatériaux de construction - Peintures et vernis
  • Classification IFCTexture
  • Numéro OmniClass23-15 21 11
  • Titre OmniClassPaints and Varnishes