Automatic 3D viewer makes your products come alive

Nina Quist - 2018-05-21

Emil Augustsson, Global Product Evangelist for BIMscript, travels the world to share his knowledge about a technology that is transforming BIM content creation on massive scale. We had a chat with him to learn more about the benefits of BIMscript.

Content creation made easy and future-proof

BIMscript was originally developed for internal use at BIMobject, as a response to the lack of streamlined, effective and future-proof solutions for content creation. Today the technology is freely available to all manufacturers. Any manufacturer can learn how to use BIMscript to create content and publish it in the BIMobject® Cloud.

“On our platform, the BIM content will at all times remain connected to a Single Source of Truth through our unique cloud solution. This means the data remains accurate and can be updated and maintained, even years after someone has downloaded an object and inserted it in a project.“

Emil points out that implementing BIMscript in the content creation is a great way for companies to save both time and money.

“Before, manufacturers had to employ different specialists to develop each file format, which is both costly and time consuming. With BIMscript, one person can easily create all file formats from one single source.”

Automatic 3D viewer - a great sales tool

When BIM objects are created with BIMscript, an interactive 3D version of each product is automatically generated. BIMscript creates a 3D viewer on the BIMobject product page, where anyone to engage with, view, configure and download the object.

“The 3D viewer can be embedded into any website and shared in social media, allowing users to try out different configurations before downloading.“

In the 3D viewer users can view, rotate, zoom and try out different combinations of colours, materials and surfaces, before downloading any file. This allows manufacturers to give their customers a unique understanding of their products. The 3D viewer does not use any plugins and will load automatically in most browsers.

“This is a great sales tool for manufacturers. It is clear that users tend to engage more with the content and for longer periods of time, when it is available in a 3D viewer.”


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