BIMobject Live, Milan

Martina Krona - 2015-09-23

BIMobject LIVe - Follow us online and onsite!

With the conference only a day away, preparations are underway to make the event available to a wider audience, beyond that present onsite. From, you can watch the entire conference live.

BIMobject LIVe is a two-day conference for CEOs, Sales, Marketing Managers and technical staff, working in the building product manufacturing industry. Onsite, participants will listen to leaders and experts in BIM, BIM objects and cloud based digital marketing with pre-sales talk about the latest developments.

It’s now possible to follow the event live and online, giving those who want to stay in the loop a possibility to be a part of this year’s BIM event – regardless if they’re at the office or stuck in traffic on their way to work.

Live streaming starts tomorrow at 09.45 CET on


"Le BIM est un vecteur de communication, d'image et de prescription"

Elise Monot - 2018-12-07


"Le BIM s'apprend en marchant !"

Elise Monot - 2018-11-28


Répondre aux besoins d'un marché mondial

Nina Quist - 2018-11-09


More content in the ever-growing BIMobject Cloud!

Carol Ping - 2018-11-09


“It’s the modern and smart way for us to manage our digital content”

Colin Ingram - 2018-10-31


Tonda Pizza - Going global with BIM

Nina Quist - 2018-10-26


Le BIM facilite la collaboration entre les intervenants d'un projet

Nina Quist - 2018-10-26

Le département R&D de BIMobject présente la Réalité Augmentée

Johan Dyrssen - 2018-10-25

Introduction à la réalité virtuelle et augmentée de BIMobject

Ben ODonnell - 2018-10-25


Vidéo : la solution BIMscript détaillée

Emil Augustsson - 2018-10-24

Digital Building

Les points clés de la solution BIMobject HERCULES

Colin Ingram - 2018-10-19


"La demande BIM est réelle et augmente"

Nina Quist - 2018-10-18