Simply Rhino to become the first accredited BIMscript® Training Centre and Business Partner

Emma Möllerberg - 2016-11-10

BIMobject AB (BIMobject) announces UK-based Simply Rhino as the first fully accredited BIMscript® and LENA Training Centre.

BIMscript® and LENA is a technology and a solution designed to streamline and accelerate the process of BIM content creation, delivering an open and freely accessible scripting language as well as a BIM object authoring solution (more information here). With the industry changing technology being made available for the world to use, BIMobject® brings specially trained partners to assist with deploying this new workflow.

Simply Rhino is the UK's Largest Supplier of Rhino Software offering nationwide Rhino software and key plug-in sales, certified training and support. Simply Rhino is a McNeel Rhinoceros Partner, and has been trained and accredited by BIMobject to deliver content creation services and consultancy services to building product manufacturers. Simply Rhino is the first of many partners who BIMobject is training with expertise to assist in building the most rich and accurate cloud service in the world. For BIMobject this is the beginning of its partner program, enabling more experts to speak with more clients in more territories. This will assist BIMobject to grow at an accelerated pace.

“Although we are growing exponentially, BIMscript and LENA partners will really assist us with growing even faster. By creating ongoing relationships with expert companies gives us a huge reach and expertise across the globe”, says Matthew Jackson, Sales Manager UK/Digital Content Manager, BIMobject AB

Jackson continues:
“Simply Rhino is one of those expert companies who has shown a clear understanding of BIMobject’s business and shares many of our values. I have no doubt they will be very successful in bringing product manufacturers to the BIMobject Cloud, while growing their own business.”

“Simply Rhino is well known for its focus on Rhino based solutions and workflow expertise, now with this new BIMscript Accreditation and partnership with BIMobject we’re looking forward to assisting many organisations bring their brands and BIM models to the huge audience the BIMobject platform offers. We’re delighted to be the first fully accredited BIMscript and LENA Training Centre”, says Paul Cowell, Director, Simply Rhino Limited.

For more information, please contact:
Emma Möllerberg - Press contact
Tel: +46 40- 685 29 00


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