The BIMobject® App 2.0 now ready for Trimble Sketchup

Natalie Nilsson - 2014-08-20

BIMobject® announces that the new version of the BIMobject® App 2.0 for Trimble Sketchup is ready and available for download at the Trimble Sketchup Extension Warehouse.

Download the App for free:

The App is completely free of charge for all users of Trimble Sketchup worldwide. The App is a toolset to find, source, update and download real BIM objects from real manufacturers with full set of properties and product information inside. It adds a deeper quality of the BIM models and assists the architects, designers and engineers in creating better design and doing more accurate product selections. Trimble Sketchup users can enjoy to work with real life products and don't need to spend valuable time in creating their own objects.

The integration is completely unique and is the best-in-class web service integration inside Trimble Sketchup. The main function of the App is to quickly browse the BIMobject® cloud database online and with a simple click download and integrate the manufacturer specific BIM objects into the Sketchup project.

The new App also adds a rich set of generic property data and product information to the BIM objects in Sketchup. Full update of object properties and BIMail™ and News integration is other features helping designers to communicate with the manufacturers.

”With the new 2.0 App for Sketchup we are giving users of Trimble’s Sketchup high quality BIM objects, rich on information, from real manufacturers and allowing the users to go further into the BIM process. The focus in this release is on product information and to certify that the BIM objects in a Sketchup project are up to date with all product information maintained through the cloud.” said Stefan Larsson, CEO of BIMobject AB.

See more in these short movies:

Real objects in Sketchup Pro:

Maintenance of properties in Sketchup Pro:

The new App supports Trimble Sketchup 2013 and 2014


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