Welcoming Jan Svedman from Peab as speaker at BIMobject LIVe

Emma Möllerberg - 2016-10-21

We are proud to welcome Jan Svedman from Peab as one of our speakers at BIMobject LIVe worldwide business conference, November 2-3, 2016. He is a program manager of the digitalisation in Project Excellence and a Business Architect. His work involves operating construction projects more efficiently through digital strategies.

Peab is one of the leading construction and civil engineering companies in the Nordic region, with approximately 14 000 employees and a turnover of over 45 million SEK. The company has strategically placed offices in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Svedman was also a board member (2008-2016) and is today the chairman of the board at BEAst AB, the Swedish Construction Industry’s Electronic Business Standard, with members from leading companies and organisations from all parts of the industry. Svedman is also part of steering group for National Classification system CoClass for construction objects.

The digital journey of a construction company
Svedman will, from the perspective of a construction company, present the digital journey that lies ahead. He will also explain the advantages of jumping onto the digital BIM train to work more efficiently and to facilitate the workflow for all parts involved in a project.


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