BIMscript® Academy

From mechanical CAD to intelligent BIM objects

We invite you to join us in the BIMscript® Academy, where you can get accredited to use BIMscript® & LENA, a plugin that lets users create parametric BIM objects. Participants learn how to master BIMscript® & LENA for Rhino in unique seminars taught by BIMobject experts.

BIMscript® & LENA opens up a vast world of opportunities. Here, content developers and internal mechanical CAD departments can develop their own content for most BIM platforms using a single script. The business model is also favourable for smaller developers: They can develop multi-usable content with rich properties in many languages, while needing only one license for Rhino and LENA. With BIMscript® & LENA for Rhino, you will be able to build BIM objects for ArchiCAD, Revit, SketchUp, and Vectorworks, as well as static file formats such as IFC, DWG, and 3DS.

The software BIMscript® & LENA is free of charge to users. The files are created and require publishing in the BIMobject® Cloud. This publishing of BIM objects is payable for building product manufacturers according to our price list.

Join our seminars to:

  • take the opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge and ideas for the future
  • gain access to the forum and our Wiki
  • get accredited to use BIMscript® & LENA in your own projects for your own clients (brand owners pay the publishing fee when their objects are published in the BIMobject® Cloud)
  • upon request, receive a free hidden project cloud to build your own limited-access catalogue (for non-profit, demonstration, test, and educational purposes)

Participants will benefit from having one or more of the following skills and/or experiences:

Working with BIM or BIM object creation in any type of BIM/CAD software

Working with 3D modelling tools for object and model creation

Working as an engineer with mechanical CAD software or Rhino in a mechanical production environment

How to register

Be sure to have a computer with Windows and at least a trial version of Rhinoceros 5 installed. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with instructions, a full list of recommended software programs, and installation support. You register simply by clicking on the link below.

If several employees from the same company would like to participate in a seminar, we still require individual applications.

BIMscript® Academy Online

Accreditation introduction webinar
The introduction webinar is 2-3 hour long and presents the whole process. In order to get accredited, you will have to complete an assignment and a test.

Planned dates for online accreditation:
New dates for BIMscript® Academy seminars will be released soon!

BIMscript® Academy

Planned dates for BIMscript® Academy events:
New dates for BIMscript® Academy events will be released soon!

Learn how to create BIM objects using the LENA plugin for Rhino directly from our product manager. Experience the complete process from design phase to 3D-prints or VR and AR representations of your product!

What is BIMscript?

A significant gap in the industry has been the lack of a modern and powerful scripting language to enable BIM objects to be developed easily and in multiple BIM file formats. BIMscript includes not only parametric behaviours, but also calculations, product logic, level of detail (with several levels of complexity of geometry and geometry combinations), and includes a huge range of properties and attributes.

The technology is called BIMscript, and it is a freely available scripting language. It can describe products and components in a very intelligent and comprehensible way, creating configurable objects with parametric variations and different levels of detail. BIMscript is a subset of the C programming language and it enables smart objects to be created, hosted and managed in the BIMobject Cloud.

Operating in the cloud, BIMscript generates intelligent, native BIM objects in a wide range of formats for the most popular BIM applications such as Revit, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks and SketchUp. It also generates semi-parametric objects in commonly used formats such as IFC, 3DS, DWG and WebGL.

BIMscript® Webinar

What is LENA?

LENA is an authoring plugin for the mechanical 3D CAD-system Rhino. It is a developer solution where mechanical CAD geometry can be imported from most mechanical CAD-systems such as CATIA, Solidworks, IGES, NX, JT, Inventor and Pro E. Rhino is the host of BIMobject LENA, and the BIMscript is created in connection with the modelling and optimisation features of Rhino.

LENA will require the developer to have a commercial license for Rhino and a certification BIMobject in order to be used. All syntax control, testing and creation of the BIMscript is carried out in LENA. The solution is very simple, but still advanced and allows users to create parametric and intelligent BIM objects from mechanical CAD data.

BIMobject LENA is directly connected to the BIMobject Cloud to enable a smooth transition and connection to corresponding product information stored in the property sets of the BIMobject Cloud.

BIMobject® LENA