Gas hob with 5 burners and black tempered glassGas hob with 5 burners and black tempered glassGas hob with 5 burners and black tempered glassGas hob with 5 burners and black tempered glassGas hob with 5 burners and black tempered glass
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Gas hob with 5 burners and black tempered glass

Do you want to impress with your recipes? Then the KC5GP - Continental Black 5 Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop is the perfect product for you: with black tempered glass and a modern look, it is super easy to clean and makes your kitchen beautiful and modern.
The KC5GP Cooktop has two fast burners and three semi-fast burners so that you can choose the ideal power according to the need for each recipe. And the buttons are removable for easy cleaning.
It has Super Automatic ignition with quick and easy ignition, which brings even more security to your daily routine, and sealed burners that prevent the accumulation of dirt.
Your kitchen even more beautiful, safe and easy. Done for you!

Tempered black glass: Your most elegant and modern kitchen, with easy cleaning;
5 burners: Different powers, for different types of recipes: 2 fast burners and 3 semi-fast burners. More flexibility when preparing your dishes.
Sealed burners: Release the gas outlet directly to the cooktop nozzles, avoiding the accumulation of dirt and eventual clogging.
Super Automatic Ignition: The KC5GP Cooktop has quick, easy and totally safe ignition.

  • Finishing N / A
    Tempered Glass Finishing Yes
    Automatic ignition No
    Superautomatic ignition Yes
    Height (packed) (mm) 190
    Height (mm) 153
    Removable Buttons Yes
    Energy Rating A
    Package Contents 1 Cooktop
    Convertible to GN Yes
    Black color
    Auto Power Off No
    Differentials Black tempered glass: Facilitates cleaning and adds sophistication to the environment. / 5 burners, including 2 fast burners and 3 semi-fast burners: Enables flexibility in food preparation, enabling various recipes / Super Automatic Ignition: Fast, easy and totally safe ignition
    Niche Dimensions (H X W X D) 150x660x390 mm
    EAN 13 7909569002261
    Frequency (Hz) 50/60
    1 year warranty
    Individual Grids Yes
    Table Graphics Yes
    Free Installation No
    Width (packed) (mm) 765
    Width (mm) 700
    Material of the trivets Enamelled wire
    Glass Table Yes
    Model (code) KC5GP
    Blue Touch panel No
    Gross weight (kg) 9.8
    Net weight (kg) 8.3
    Induction Zone Power N / A
    Triple Flame Burner Power (W) N / A
    Rapid Burner Power (W) 3000
    Power of Semi-Rapid Burners (W) 1800
    Thermal power (W) 11400
    Depth (packed) (mm) 470
    Depth (mm) 422
    Number of Burners / Induction Zones 5
    Sealed Burners Yes
    SKU (Commercial code) 66705CBA035
    Voltage (V) 127 - 220
    Timer No
    Gas Type
    LPG Gas Type
    Triple Flame No

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  • Megjelenés dátuma2021-05-28
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