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Egyedi azonosító: BLUEHELIX-MAXIMA
Gyártó: Ferroli
Termék család: HVAC - Boilers
Termék csoport: Boilers
Szélesség (mm): 420
Magasság (mm): 700
Mélység (mm): 320
Publikálás dátuma: 2020-08-03
Verziószám: 1
Típus: Objektum (egy termék)
Letöltés (2)

Condensing wall hung boiler for heating and istantaneous domestic hot water by a dedicated steel plate exchanger.  
BLUEHELIX MAXIMA C can operate with Natural gas and LPG.

Model 28 C Max output power in heating mode (50/30°C) 26,0 kW
Max output power in DHW mode 28,0 kW
Domestic flow rate Δt 25°C 16,1 l/min
Class ErP: Heating A+ / DHW XL/A

Model 34 C Max output power in heating mode (50/30°C) 32,5 kW
Max output power in DHW mode 34,0 kW
Domestic flow rate Δt 25°C 19,5 l/min
Class ErP: Heating A+ / DHW XXL/A

• Boiler with extra-thick stainless-steel primary heat exchanger, with increased sections (at the top of its range) to ensure durability and reduced maintenance, it maintains high efficiency levels 
• It reaches one of the highest seasonal efficiency levels in terms of heating: ηs 94% and when combined with the modulating remote control and the external probe (both of which are optional), it reaches the highest energy efficiency class (scale from G to A+++)
• Class 6 NOx: already in line with the ErP regulation since 26.09.2018 (NOx emissions < 56mg/kWh)
• MC2 (Multi Combustion Control9: new combustion system with patented gas-adaptive technology of industrial origin for better adaptability of use as the conditions according to the variations of the gas mains (e.g. fluctuations or reduced pressure)
• Modulation range up to 1:12 for the 34C model and 1:10 for the 24 C
• MLR (Methane LPG Ready): via a simple configuration, the boiler can operate both with methane and LPG without using additional conversion kits
• Exclusive exchanger-burner system with self-cooled door (without insulation): it simplifies maintenance and reduces its cost thanks to a smaller amount of parts subject to deterioration 
• Instant production of domestic hot water with dedicated domestic plate exchanger
• Hydraulic couplings covered by the boiler casing 
• Large backlit multifunctional graphic display to set the parameters easily and correctly
• Suitable for the ducting flue pipe system. Is certificated to operate with 50 mm flue gas accessories.
• FPS (Flue Protection System): The flue check valve installed as standard on the boiler allows for easy connection to collective pressure flue systems (e.g. in redevelopment projects)
• Designed to be used with solar systems: designed for the production of domestic hot water combined with solar panel systems
• ECO function in domestic mode for greater savings when hot water is rarely used
• 3-star certified comfort with domestic hot water production in accordance with EN 13203
• Sliding temperature control with optional external probe
• Digital flame control with three ignition attempts in the event of operation block if no flame is detected (only for methane-based operation)
• Outdoors installation in a partially protected area up to -5°C as standard and up to -15°C with the support of the optional antifreeze resistor kit

Elsődleges anyag: Metal
Másodlagos anyag: Plastic
Tervezés helye: Italy
Gyártás helye: Italy
Nettó tömeg (Kg): 30

BIMobject kategória: HVAC - Kazánok
IFC besorolás: Boiler
UNSPSC név: Boilers
UNSPSC kód: 401020
Uniclass 1.4 Kód: L75211
Uniclass 1.4 Leírás: Gas fired boilers
Uniclass 2.0 Kód: PR-60-08-36
Uniclass 2.0 Leírás: Condensing Boilers
Uniclass 2015 Kód: Pr_60_60_08
Uniclass 2015 Leírás: Boilers
NBS Reference Kód: 87-08
NBS Reference Leírás: Boilers
CSI MasterFormat 2014 kód: 23 52 00
CSI MasterFormat 2014 cím: Heating Boilers
OmniClass szám: 23-33 11 13
OmniClass cím: Condensing Boilers
CSI UniFormat II kód: D3020
CSI UniFormat II cím: Heat Generating Systems
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