Solar publishes Thermrad® series in BIMobject® Cloud

Nina Quist - 2017-05-31

BIMobject AB: Solar publishes the Thermrad® series digitally in BIMobject® Cloud.

BIMobject® hosts the Thermrad® radiator series from the Denmark-based sourcing and servicing company Solar A/S on the platform BIMobject® Cloud. Solar is one of Northern Europe's leading sourcing and servicing companies and operates mainly in the electrical, heating and plumbing, and ventilation technology sectors. As a long-term strategic partner and shareholder in BIMobject, Solar's release of the Thermrad® radiators as digital building products paves the way for linking the value of digital products and product information with logistics. Solar's products were released on the BIMobject® Cloud in May.

The decision to host Solar's Thermrad® radiator series on BIMobject® Cloud is a result of the cooperation between the two companies. Beginning with the Thermrad® radiators, BIMobject gives Solar the means to digitalise the company's entire product catalogue and make its components available to the more than 400 000 professional BIM users on the platform BIMobject® Cloud, no matter where these products are sourced.

The design of the Thermrad® radiators allows for the components to be fitted close to the wall, which increases usable floor space. The Thermrad® Super 8 radiators are equipped with eight connections, which creates four different options for flexible installation either from the underside or the sides.

As a sourcing and servicing company, Solar is the first in its capacity amongst the 975 brands currently hosted in the BIMobject® Cloud. Solar shares BIMobject's dedication to comprehensive solutions that take factors such as traceability, product flow, and installation into account from the very first phases of a building project. In this spirit, Solar and BIMobject offer BIMobject® Cloud users the option of Solar's delivery service Solar Fastbox® when selecting a BIM object from their catalogue, to have the actual product subsequently delivered with this service. Solar Fastbox® is in its origin a one-hour delivery service and a well established concept in several countries.

"The release of Solar's products as BIM objects in our BIMobject® Cloud marks the beginning of an exciting digitalisation journey. In many ways, Solar and BIMobject work towards similar goals from different positions. Creating efficient solutions that are sustainable throughout the building process, benefitting all stakeholders, is something that's close to both our hearts. The latest developments allow us to realise a significant part of our shared vision", says Stefan Larsson, CEO and founder of BIMobject AB.

"We seek out common business opportunities in the interface between BIMobject and Solar and the first innovative step is now a reality. With this complete range, we now facilitate the opportunity to digitally design and dimension a heating solution. Solar works to increase productivity and we believe that digital construction can help create a more efficient process and eliminate waste. Therefore, we emphasise including delivery aspects already in the design phase" says Hugo Dorph, CCO at Solar A/S.

About Solar A/S
Solar Group is a leading European sourcing and services company. The company's core business centres on product sourcing, value-adding services and optimisation of their customers' businesses. Solar Group is headquartered in Denmark, generated revenue of approximately DKK 11.1 billion in 2016 and has more than 3,000 employees. Solar has been listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen since 1953, and operates under the short designation SOLAR B.

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