Ytong Bosnia and Herzegovina load bearing inner wall

Ytong – the brand product for all masonry solutions with aerated concrete products. The product has unlimited constructional possibilities and good building physical properties. It is, for example: non-flammable impermeable to frost and moisture excellent insulating properties.

Above all, however, it is quick and efficient to lay. In practice, this is a decisive argument for contractors to use aerated concrete, as this results in a high speed construction. The building block therefore is known as being efficient for both house construction and for commercial and industrial buildings.

Here you can find a commonly used solution for Ytong internal load bearing walls. You can download the whole construction as well as only the Ytong masonry. For advanced users, the unitization tool for Ytong blocks gives you a exact amount of block materials as well as supporting materials like lintels and so on.

Experts from Ytong help you in the design and construction of sustainable solutions with Ytong masonry.
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