Air to Water Commercial Heat PumpAir to Water Commercial Heat PumpAir to Water Commercial Heat PumpAir to Water Commercial Heat Pump
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Air to Water Commercial Heat Pump

Where Energy Efficiency is Essential, Air to Water Heat Pump offers 150°F in a Super-efficient, Super-compact Package

Highly Efficient
On average, 25% of the operating cost of an electric water heater. Delivers hot water with a system Coefficient of Performance (COP) exceeding 4.0 at 80 degrees ambient and 60% relative humidity. This makes it substantially cheaper to run than electric, natural gas or propane. Heat pumps can also be used as a preheat to other fuel types. Contributes to the overall increase in building efficiency and can qualify for LEED points.

More Location Choices
The heat pump can be located indoor or outdoor to free up valuable indoor space. Unlike gas the heat pump can draw air from and discharge within the surrounding area so it is not limited by venting.

Multiple Configurations
Designed for both vertical or horizontal discharge options, with the option to convert to ducted with kit. Horizontal discharge models can also be stacked two high to reduce plant footprint with kit.

Suits Most Mild Climates
Automatic defrost allows continued performance in low ambient temperature conditions by diverting a portion of the hot refrigerant to the evaporator coil to melt any ice which may form. In addition, the evaporator is epoxy coated copper to provide extra protection in corrosive atmospheres, and the unit has been tested in ambient conditions as high as 104°F.

Voce di capitolato
    • 208 or 240 Volt / 1 PH or 480 Volt /3 PH
    • Flexible Indoor or Outdoor Use
    • Double Wall Heat Exchanger
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty
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