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The BIMobject® Blog

How to use BIMobject Properties

I often get asked about the usage of BIMobject Properties and it is a really simple tool doing something very complicated. Below are a number of videos which explain the process both for a manufacturer and for the users of Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp.

What is BIMobject Properties?

The importance of this tool is difficult to describe because it resolves so many issues which we experience in the industry today. Namely manufacturers create products which are geometrically identical around the world (in most cases). But what is different is the data. Not only in different languages but also the datasets and/or parameter values which are required. BIMobject Properties enable users to add data on request and allows them to choose data sets from a list, therefore keeping their models lean and with only useful information!

How to... for manufacturers

In this video (made for manufacturers) I explain the simple steps to get manufacturer specific data into the cloud ready for users to add to their designs when they need to

How to... for ArchiCAD users

How to... for Revit users

How to... for SketchUp users

Want to know more about classifications?

Check out my other blog and webinar recording which explains in depth about regional data requirements. For example I talk about the UK Government requirement - COBie (Construction Operation Building Information Exchange)

3 steps to classifications using BOPCs (COBie) Q&A