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The BIMobject® Blog

Together, we are moving technology forward at high speed

Emil Augustsson works as a Digital Content Manager and product responsible for BIMscript® & LENA. He has been employed at BIMobject’s Malmö office since january 2015. After graduating as a civil engineer from LTH Helsingborg, he has taken part of BIMobject’s fast growth.

How does BIMscript® & Lena speed up the development of BIM objects?

BIMscript is an open and free script, that together with the tool BIMobject LENA® offers a smooth transition from mechanical CAD to intelligent BIM objects in cloud based environments. The objects can further be used in BIM programs and in building processes. LENA works as a plug-in for Rhino 5, and with mechanical CAD data as raw material to program geometries, one can automatically create parametric and intelligent BIM objects. The advantage is that you create real file formats for 7 different softwares at once, which is a great timesaver. At the same time, LENA is directly connected to the BIMobject Cloud®, which provides an industrial workflow when publishing new objects.

How do these programming tools affect the building industry?

These tools revolutionize the development of BIM objects, now every manufacturer can develop and launch objects in a faster, easier and cheaper way. The advantage is also that they can do it using their own employees in-house, anyone can become a BIM developer today. Earlier on, this was more of a problem, since only a few external consultants focused on BIM development.

Which other advantages are there for manufacturers in the building industry?

I would say that it will become more fun now. Earlier, the BIM objects, mainly in Revit, have been quite boring with a simple block geometry. Now, they will become more detailed, and despite getting the right information, you can get really nice objects for your presentations and renderings. The entire process of BIM object development is content driven, and the more interesting content you have, the more interesting digital objects you will get!

Are there any similar tools on the market?

There are other smaller players who create statical objects, but they are not good enough. You need our tools to create parametric objects and that is exactly why we have developed them.

What is your and BIMobject’s long-term plan for BIMscript® & Lena?

We get more users every day and that makes it increasingly important for us to make it simpler for manufacturers to create their own BIM objects or get help from external consultants. With these solutions, you don’t need anything else to create BIM objects. Our vision is that all users should be able to use and create BIM objects. We also organize Webinars and Hackathons to continue expanding our user base.

A new launch is on its way, can you reveal anything about it?

We are working on getting all the connections in for MEP and HUAC, so that we can plan these inside of Rhino. Apart from that, we are working on introducing parametric transformations, which will expand the area where we can use BIMscript dramatically.

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