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Evokit Double

Unique ref.: Sliding_door_Evokit_double
Produttore: Ermetika
Famiglia prodotto: Interior door systems
Gruppo prodotto: Evokit
Data di pubblicazione: 2018-07-23
Numero edizione: 1
Tipo: Showcase (modello esempio)
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Ermetika provides outstanding products tailored to the highest of standards. Offering total commitment to achieving full customer satisfaction, we pride ourselves on responding efficiently and effectively to every guest request. Evokit double door is easy to set up and it is provided with an extractible rail that allows accessories installation and easy maintenance.

Metal cavity door system made of zinc coated metal bars. Model EVOKIT: 12 reinforcement bars; cavity width mm 54/74 for interior walls in plasterboard structures of 75/100 mm finished wall size 100/125 mm; fit for a single door (EVOKIT SINGLE DOOR MODEL) or for two opposite doors (EVOKIT DOUBLE DOOR MODEL). The doors shall be at and fit for sliding into a pocket wall. Maximum door weight 100Kg.

Materiale principale: Sheet metal
Materiale secondario:
Progettato in: Italy
Prodotto in: Italy

Categoria BIMobject: Porte - Porte scorrevoli
Classificazione IFC: Door
Nome UNSPSC: Doors
Codice UNSPSC: 301715
Uniclass 1.4 Codice: JL20
Uniclass 1.4 Descrizione: Doors
Uniclass 2.0 Codice: PR-59-23-77
Uniclass 2.0 Descrizione: Sliding Door And Partition Sets
Uniclass 2015 Codice: Ss_25_30_20_77
Uniclass 2015 Descrizione: Sliding doorset systems
NBS Reference Codice: 59-23-77
NBS Reference Descrizione: Sliding Door And Partition Sets
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 08 14 73
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Sliding Wood Doors
CSI UniFormat II Code: C1020
CSI UniFormat II Title: Interior Doors
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Middle East
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BIMobject SEEK Properties

Doors - Sliding

Nome Valore
Glazing Thickness 8 mm — 12 mm
Material - Core wood
Maximum Door Height 2700 mm
Maximum Door Width 3000 mm
Minimum Door Width 1200 mm
Thickness 40 mm
Wall Type plasterboard