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ZB purlin

ZB purlin

Lindab’s ZB-purlins are an excellent choice for roof and wall purlins and high walls. They’re made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Assembly and mounting is easy.

For static design and calculations, use Lindabs own developed software Lindab StructuralDesigner which you will find on Lindabs website.

For information about geometry and section properties, use Lindabs web application EC3Library which you will find on Lindabs website.

Voce di capitolato
  • CE-marked according to EN1090. Calculation, with reference to Lindab StructuralDesigner, according to EN 1993-1-3, EN 1993-1-5, NDP.

    Normal thickness tolerance according to EN 10143. Material S350GD+Z275 according to EN 10346.

Specifiche tecniche
  • Rif. Unicozb
  • Raccolta di collezioniSteel profiles
  • CollezionePurlins
  • TipoOggetto (oggetto singolo)
  • Data di pubblicazione2018-01-10
  • Numero di versione3
Relativo a
  • Materiale principaleAcciaio zincato
  • Categoria BIMobjectEdilizia - Travi
  • Clasificazione IFCTrave
  • Nome UNSPSCStructural building products
  • Codice UNSPSC3013
  • Codice Uniclass 2015Pr_20_76_51_21
  • Descrizione Uniclass 2015Cold-formed galvanized steel sections
  • Codice CSI MasterFormat 201405 40 00
  • Titolo CSI MasterFormat 2014Cold-Formed Metal Framing
  • Titolo OmniClassRafters, Beams, and Joists
  • Numero OmniClass23-13 35 19

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