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Ultimate Inswing Door 4 Panel
Ultimate Inswing Door 4 Panel
Ultimate Inswing Door 4 Panel

    Ultimate Inswing Door 4 Panel

    Uniting beautiful design, expert craftsmanship, and unparalleled performance, the Marvin Ultimate Swinging Door was created to help bring to life even the most ambitious architectural visions. The 3-inch stiles and rails produce clean lines and a clutter-free aesthetic, and four panels can be combined to produce large openings that generate grand views and indoor spaces that feel light and open. The durable extruded aluminum exteriors will provide years of worry-free protection, and the warm wood interiors bring a sense of luxury into every room.
    Voce di capitolato
      • Inswing or Outswing
      • Available in heights up to 10 feet
      • Four-panel configurations in widths up to 14 feet
      • Robust 2¼" standard panel thickness delivers confidence in operating even the largest door panel
      • Unequal panel widths
      • Ultrex® sill is engineered for years of energy-efficient and weathertight performance
      • Fully concealed multi-point locking system  
      • Adjustable hinges for easy installation and years of smooth operation
      • Hidden Lock Status Sensor option connects with your smart home to indicate when door is closed and locked
    Specifiche tecniche
    • Rif. Unicomarvin_uid_4p
    • Famiglia di prodottoSignature
    • Gruppo di famigliaUltimate Doors
    • TipoOggetto (oggetto singolo)
    • Data di pubblicazione2021-07-15
    • Numero di versione1
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    • Materiale principaleLegno
    • Materiale secondarioExtruded Aluminum
    • Progettato inStati Uniti
    • Prodotto inStati Uniti
    • Categoria BIMobjectPorte - Porte a vento
    • Clasificazione IFCPorta
    • Codice ETIMEC003534
    • Nome ETIMExterior door (complete with frame)
    • Nome UNSPSCDoors
    • Codice UNSPSC301715
    • Codice Uniclass 2015EF_25_30
    • Descrizione Uniclass 2015Doors and windows
    • Codice CSI MasterFormat 201408 10 00
    • Titolo CSI MasterFormat 2014Doors and Frames
    • Numero OmniClass23-17 11 00
    • Titolo OmniClassDoors
    • Codice CSI UniFormat IIB2030
    • Titolo CSI UniFormat IIExterior Doors

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