New BIMobject® Business Partner in Czech Republic announced today

Natalie Nilsson - 2014-02-17

BIM Project s.r.o. was founded by two architects Petr Vokoun and Jakub Zoula, as a supporting function for those interested in using the BIM process in their interior- and structure design work. Their role as a BIMobject® Business Partner will be carried out by selling and distributing BIMobject® solutions and services in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) market.

BIM Project has many years of experience of creating complex BIM libraries and add-ons for Czech manufacturers - mostly for ArchiCAD and Revit. Some of their local reference customers include: PRESBETON, ADLO, HELUZ and OFFICE PRO. They also have a continually growing team of developers.

”The communication with manufacturers is essential for architects and engineers work. The use of BIM objects is a way for them to keep up to date on new products on the market”, says Jakub Zoula, Head of Revit Development at BIM Project.

”Because of our participation in the architectural design process, we are fully aware on how users should work with their software and therefore we are able to offer them effective tools for easier implementation of BIM objects and processes into their own established system of work”, says Petr Vokoun, Head of ArchiCAD development at BIM Project.

"With BIM Project, the worldwide presence of BIMobject is strengthened by a young and dynamic team of BIM experts. The team have many years of experience in content development projects for a variety of architectural design software. We are absolutely positive that this development is going to give a boost to our market presence in Central-Eastern Europe, and help the Czech companies to bridge the chasm between the traditional, and the 21st century market delivery approach”, said Kornel Kovacs, Senior Business Manager of BIMobject Hungary.

About BIM Project:

BIM Project is a technological support for architects and engineers. We provide implementation of BIM technology into project companies and integrates new system of work for the users, therefore using BIM software could be most effective.

To be able to deliver library content for the BIM software, BIM Project focus on development of parametric BIM objects, especially for ArchiCAD and Revit Architecture software.


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