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Poland designs with BIM – A-Concept interview

A-Concept is a design office whose innovative projects have already appeared around the world. However, not only that makes them stand out. Their designs are also part of the digital world. We talked to Anna Komorowska, founder of A-Concept, how desigining in BIM looks like from Polish perspective.

What was the idea behind founding A-Concept?

After working for several years in the United States and Germany, I decided to open my own design office. I wanted to implement my own vision of designing buildings, which are marked by timeless shape, ideal proportions creating a harmonious whole with the surroundings, while still maintaining high standards of finish and energy efficiency. We specialize in the design of residential and commercial buildings with a modern form and extraordinary functionality. We also arrange and decorate as well as revitalize and adapt post-industrial facilities. We work with proven and reliable engineers from all industries.

You not only create traditional projects, but also BIM ones.

Yes, one of such projects was a residential building in Gdańsk in Hubala street. The project was created on the basis of many hours of talks with investors, diagnosing their needs, as well as a deep analysis of the area surrounding the investment. The project refers to the historic buildings with the use of modern materials and technology of installation equipment.

BIM objects used in the project:

→ VELUX- fixed flat roof window w. Curved Glass Cover- CFP ISD1093

→ Glass profiles - IAM Design- GlassU L

→ VELUX- Top operated pinewood roof window centre-pivot- GGL

→ Pierret- single entrance door aluminium

→ Two sash tilted and turn fixed window - Aluprof - MB-86 SI

→ Corner window - Aluprof - MB-86 SI

A-concept also created a project of housing estate METRUM PARK in Gdansk on Radarowa street.

Also here were used BIM objects such as:

→ VELUX- Top operated pinewood roof window centre-pivot- GGL

→ Comenza- GlassFit Gravity CC-775

→ Areco- Intermediate Pipe Diameter: 100 mm

Do you have any favourite manufacturers?

If we were to choose, it would certainly be Ruukki, Xella, Eqitone, Aluprof and Fakro.

Why architects decide to design in BIM technology?

Undoubtedly, the multitude of work improvements affects the choice of BIM. In my opinion, the most important issues are speed and time saving. Another aspect is cross-industry coordination. Thanks to it, we can effectively detect collisions and errors that could only appear at the construction site. Possibility of direct 3D design gives an advantage over traditional designs. Already at the stage of creating a project, we are able to better imagine the end result and share it with other specialists who are its integral part.

We want to thank A-concept for sharing their perspective with us. We also want to invite you to get to know their work via A-concept website:

Ana Patricia Martínez Menéndez • Dec 3, 2020

Ana Patricia Martínez Menéndez • Dec 1, 2020


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