Viewrail FLIGHT Floating Stairs, StraightViewrail FLIGHT Floating Stairs, StraightViewrail FLIGHT Floating Stairs, StraightViewrail FLIGHT Floating Stairs, Straight
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Viewrail FLIGHT Floating Stairs, Straight

Shop our straight metal staircases that are specially built for your home and arrive as a single metal staircase kit. It will include all of the components, tools, and hardware required to install it yourself. Our DIY system is perfect for open concept or modern homes. Pair it with our stainless steel railing! For more information contact one of our experts by clicking the button below.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Accessible Installation
  • Custom Engineered Staircase
  • 4 Week Lead Time

Advantages of a Straight Staircase

  • Very easy to navigate
  • One of the easiest—if not THE easiest—types of staircase to design and install
  • Usually do not require additional support structures
  • Can be very simple in appearance, making them ideal for minimalistic designs
  • Handrails can often be constructed and installed in long pieces
  • The measurements needed to create a straight staircase are often easy to obtain

Disadvantages of a Straight Staircase

  • Can use a large amount of space
  • Often provide less privacy than other configurations
  • Straight staircases taller than 12-feet high require a landing
  • May be too simplistic in appearance for some designs
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  • Rif. Unicostraight-stair-stringer
  • Famiglia di prodottoFLIGHT
  • Gruppo di famigliaStraight
  • TipoOggetto (oggetto singolo)
  • Data di pubblicazione2022-06-22
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  • Descrizione Uniclass 2015Stairs
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  • Titolo CSI MasterFormat 2014Wood Stairs
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  • Titolo CSI UniFormat IISTAIRS

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