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BEACON Stainless Steel Cablenet Railing System

BEACON Stainless Steel Cablenet Railing System

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Beacon is a post supported glass railing system with two-tone finish of – 

Type A: Powder Coat/ECM Post with SS Fittings.

Type B: Powder Coat/ECM Fittings with SS Post.

Single flat bar posts provide clean lines and minimal obstruction to line of sight.  Powder Coat Finish and ECM is available and range of striking metallic colors to accent with your interiors.

Voce di capitolato
  • Stainless Railings & Stainless Steel Railings

    #6 Satin, #8 Mirror, ECM or Powder Coat

    2" Flat bar @ 5'-0" max. O.C. for glass infill,
    2"x 2" End post, 2" flat bar intermediate post @ 4'-0" max. for cable infill

    Mounting Options
    Fascia, Top or Core mount

    INFILL MATERIAL:  Glass, Perforated Metal, Wire Mesh, Cable or CableNet

    A.  Glass Finish:
    Clear, Tinted or Frit

      Size/Spacing for Glass Finish:

      Min. 3/8" laminated glass with PVB or SGP interlayer ¹
      Glass standard thickness: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"
      Interlayer standard thickness, SGP: 0.035" , 0.06" or PVB: 0.035"

      B.  Perf, Wire, Picket, Cable and CableNet Finish:  #6 Satin

        Size/Spacing for Perf, Wire, Picket, Multiline and CableNet:

        • · Perforated Metal:  1” wide frame
        • · Cable:  Ø3/16" cable
        • · Wire Mesh:  1” wide frame
        • · CableNet:  1" Wide frame, Ø1/16" (1.5mm) cable mesh


        A.  Stainless Steel U-Cap
        Finish:  #6 Satin, Powder Coat
        Size/Spacing for SS Tube: 1" Height U-Cap for Glass Top Rail

        B. Stainless Steel U-Cap with LED 3
        Finish:  #6 Satin
        Size/Spacing for SS Tube with LED:  1" Height U-Cap with LED LINEAR for Glass Top Rail

        1. C. Stainless Steel Tube

        Finish:  #6 Satin, Powder Coat
        Size/Spacing for SS Tube with LED:  Ø1-1/2" or Ø2" for Hand Rail / Ø2" or 2"x 1" Rectangular tube for Top Rail

        D. Stainless Steel Tube with LED

          Finish:  #6 Satin
          Size/Spacing for SS Tube with LED:  Ø1-1/2" with LED LINEAR, Ø1-1/2" or Ø2" with LED PO

          E. Wood (Red Oak, Cherry or Maple):  #6 Satin
          Wood (Red Oak, Cherry or Maple)2 w/ LED:  Unstained
          Size/Spacing:  Ø2" / Ø2" with LED LINEAR

            IBC 2015 & newer requires railing glass to be laminated. VIVA recommends SGP for exterior applications.
            Other species available upon request.
            All LED LINEAR products are ETL certified; ETL mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standard.

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