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STRUC Metal Panel Railing System

STRUC Metal Panel Railing System

Struc Panel Railing is an ingeniously engineered structural sheet metal fabrication design. This system is available in a range of pre-configured patterns or custom design of your choice. With material choices of aluminum in finishes of powder coating & stainless steel in #6 satin and ECM colors – what you can do with STRUC panel system on your project is best left to your imagination.

STRUC Panel Railing systems feature CNC LASER CUT PATTERNS, not to be confused with punched or perforated metal.These patterns are precision cut with clean defined cuts on both sides of the panel vs rounding one side (punch entry) and burred (punch exit) in case of perforated metal.

Laser cutting also allows you to get creative with your designs, from custom designs and flow patterns to company logos and images.

Voce di capitolato
  • Material:
    Stainless Steel (304 or 316) or Steel

    #6 Satin, #8 Mirror, ECM or Powder Coat

    OPTION A: 5'-0" max. O.C. post spacing, with 22" max. cantilever panel
    OPTION B: 4'-0" max. O.C. post spacing, with 28" max. cantilever panel

    Mounting Options
    Fascia, Top or Core mount.

    INFILL MATERIAL:  Aluminum

    1. A. Aluminum
      Finish Options:  Powder Coat - Super Polyester (AAMA 2604) - $ ¹

                             Powder Coat - PVDF (AAMA 2605) - $$

    1. B.  Size/Spacing

    1/2" thick aluminum panel with 5'-0" max. O.C.


    1. A.  Stainless Steel Tube
      Finish:  #6 Satin
      Size/Spacing for SS Tube: Ø1-1/2" or Ø2" for Hand Rail
      Ø1-1/2", Ø2" or 2"x1" Rectangular tube for Top Rail
    1. B. Stainless Steel Tube with LED
      Finish:  #6 Satin
      Size/Spacing for SS Tube with LED:  Ø1-1/2" with LED LINEAR, Ø1-1/2" or Ø2" with LED POD

    2. C. Wood (Red Oak, Cherry or Maple):  #6 Satin
      Wood (Red Oak, Cherry or Maple) w/ LED:  Unstained
      Size/Spacing:  Ø2" / Ø2" with LED LINEAR
    1. 1. (1) $ to $$$: Indicates finish type comparative cost
    2. 2. All LED LINEAR products are ETL certified; ETL mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standard.
    3. 3. Other species available upon request.
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