Wood Stack - Ceramic Coated PanelsWood Stack - Ceramic Coated PanelsWood Stack - Ceramic Coated PanelsWood Stack - Ceramic Coated Panels

Wood Stack - Ceramic Coated Panels

The CERACLAD Rainscreen Exterior Siding System is an advanced ceramic-coated construction assembly that incorporates proven rain-shielding technology. Developed for use in commercial and residential buildings, the system consists of pre-finished siding panels and innovative mounting clips and accessories that are manufactured and designed for durability, flexibility, and ease of installation. Our exclusive technology combines a durable weather-resistant exterior with an internal ventilation layer that allows moisture to escape. Consisting of approximately 45% recycled material, the panels are 100% recyclable, factory finished with no VOC, and contain no asbestos. CERACLAD’s inorganic ceramic coating has excellent UV blocking properties to protect the colored layer from ultraviolet rays and minimize fading of the outer wall. Maintenance costs are reduced by virtually eliminating the need for repainting. This technology is exclusive to CERACLAD.
  • Unique refwoodstack
  • 製品ファミリCERACLAD Siding Panels
  • 製品グループWood Series
  • タイプオブジェクト(1つのオブジェクト)
  • 公開日2021-02-17
  • エディション1
  • 幅(mm)3030
  • 幅(mm)455
  • 奥行き(mm)18
  • 主なマテリアル繊維セメント
  • 設計国日本
  • 製造国日本
  • 正味重量(kg)23
  • BIMobjectカテゴリ壁 - 表層仕上げ
  • IFC分類カバー
  • UNSPSC名称Panels or paneling
  • UNSPSC30161505
  • Uniclass1_4 コードL5221
  • Uniclass1_4詳細Composite roof and wall cladding sheets
  • Uniclass2015コードSs_25_20_14
  • Uniclass2015詳細Composite panel cladding systems
  • MasterFormat 2014 コード07 46 46
  • MasterFormat 2014 タイトルFiber-Cement Siding
  • OmniClassNumber23-15 13 19 17
  • UniFormatIIコードB20