Essential Care Jet&Clean Ultra Filter 14Kg Washing Machine

Electrolux Essential Care 14Kg Washing Machine with Stainless Steel basket, Jet&Clean dispenser and lint Ultra Filter (LED14) was designed to make your routine easier by saving your laundry time. The Essential Care product line uses technology to care for your clothes by avoiding abrasion to make them last longer.

Jet&Clean dispenser is encharged of delluting the soap and cloth softener to avoid staining your clothes, also keeping it always clean for the next cycles.

The new Ultra Filter keeps the lints off your cothes with 8 times more filtering capacity, which removes them even after the cycle.

Compact on the outside but spacious on the inside, it fits 14Kg of washing capacity into a 12Kg size. Use less space in your laundry and landry more clothes.



South America