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Solution Scheme ARISTON & CALEFFI - Heat Pump for Heating-Cooling-DHW

Solution Scheme ARISTON & CALEFFI - Heat Pump for Heating-Cooling-DHW

The solution has been realized in a collaboration between ARISTON & CALEFFI. The goal is to deliver an Heat Pump scheme, perfectly functioning in Revit with all the components included: this is the digital twin of a real solution. 

Thanks to the expertise of the two brands in their fields, the proposed scheme represents an innovation in how manufacturers are supporting their customers. 

This solution is specifically designed for new building applications, and is designed to satisfy all the energy saving requirements. 
The main components included are the following:

  • Ariston Split Heat Pump - NIMBUS FLEX S NET
  • Ariston DHW Cylinder - CD1 180 H
  • Ariston Buffer tank - CKZ 50 H
  • Caleffi Hydraulic Deaerator - DISCAL® serie 551
  • Caleffi Multifunction device with dirt separator and strainer - DIRTMAGPLUS® serie 5453
  • Caleffi by-pass valve - serie 519
    • Ariston Split Heat Pump - NIMBUS FLEX S NET: Inverter air / water split heat pump for heating, cooling (single zone) and domestic hot water. Expansion vessel of 8l always included. One high efficient circulation pump assure maximum energy savings. High efficiency (COP and EER) even in harsh climates and additional resistance of 2 or 3 stages of 2 kW to guarantee maximum comfort in every situation. An external cylinder of 180 l OR 300 l, with an excellent heat exchange surface, is used to heat up domestic hot water. Always connected (WiFi) thanks to the Gateway to control by remote the heat pump and the possibility of monitoring consumption and parameters for one temperature zone. The system interface Sensys and an external sensor for the outdoor temperature are always included too. COP very high, up to 5.25 in nominal conditions (WT 35°C, AT 7°C). Very quiet operation, with a sound power nominal outdoor unit up to 56 dB (A). Photovoltaic function implemented for an optimized coupling with the domestic PV system. 
    • Caleffi Hydraulic Deaerator - DISCAL® serie 551: Deaerators are used to continuously remove the air contained in the hydraulic circuits of heating and cooling systems. The air discharge capacity of these devices is very high. They are capable of automatically removing all the air present in the system down to micro-bubble level. The circulation of fully deaerated water enables the systems to operate under optimal conditions, free from any noise, corrosion, localised overheating or mechanical damage. In the threaded
      versions it is available for installation on horizontal pipes, and with adjustable T-fitting for installation on horizontal and vertical pipes.
    • Caleffi Multifunction device with dirt separator and strainer - DIRTMAGPLUS® serie 5453: The DIRTMAGPLUS® multifunction device is composed of two separate components arranged in series: a dirt separator and an interchangeable strainer. The presence of these two components allows for continuous protection of the generator and devices from any impurities that form in the hydraulic circuit both at the time of system start-up and in normal operating conditions. The impurities are first separated by the dirt separator and then collected in a large dirt collection chamber from which they can be discharged even when the system is running. Ferrous impurities are also trapped inside the body of the device thanks to the action of the two magnets inserted in a special removable outer ring. By means of mechanical selection, the mesh strainer completes the process of removing the present impurities, starting directly from the first passage. DIRTMAGPLUS® can be adjusted for horizontal, vertical and 45° installations and it is supplied complete with shut-off valves to facilitate maintenance procedures.
    • Caleffi by-pass valve - serie 519: The differential pressure by-pass valve is used in systems with a fixed speed circulating pump supplying several zones controlled by two way zone valves. This valve ensures that the head pressure of the pump is proportional to the number of two way valves being closed. It will by-pass the differential pressure created by the pump as the zone valves close, thus eliminating water hammer noise.
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