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Clestra Hauserman's pleinAir partition is an office partition with absolute composure that is completely transparent. Double and single glazed are available in 10 or 12 mm and are housed in a minimal base. The glass is specially machined to enable the use of an EPDM (seal, flexibility, T°C resistance) joint. Invisible and flexible, this joint allows the glass to be easily removed. The pleinAir partition is available with centred or off-centred glass. pleinAir doors can swing, on pivots or slide. The pure lines give a style unique to Clestra that compliment the office interior. Doors are available in wood, steel or glass. Clestra Hauserman's pleinAir range of partitions is supplemented by a solid panel in steel partition or wood partition , and a complete range of screen, fabric and woven hanging accessories which slide in front of or between the glass. Visit us
기술 사양
  • 특징 참조cle-ple-1
  • 제품군Internal partitions
  • 제품분류Relocatable partitions
  • 유형조립식 (다중 개체)
  • 게시일2017-06-19
  • 에디션 넘버1
  • 깊이(mm)83
  • 주 재료유리
  • 부 재료알루미늄
  • BIMobject 카테고리벽 - 파티션
  • IFC 분류
  • UNSPSC 이름Panels or paneling
  • UNSPSC 코드30161505

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