Entrance door Collection SurfaceEntrance door Collection SurfaceEntrance door Collection SurfaceEntrance door Collection Surface
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Entrance door Collection Surface

KLINE entrance door with complete thermal break (frame, opening and threshold)
Peripheral waterproof seal
20mm threshold for accessibility standards compliance
Monobloc 85mm thick sash
- Outer 2mml thick aluminium sheets
- 81mm thick high density insulated core

  • Bicolor (white inside / outside color) or single-colored.
    Several accessories : doorknobs, pull handles, hinge covers.
    Automatic or motorized locks for smart opening.

    Possible installation styles
    NEW construction
    - Doublage from 80 to 200mm
    RENOVATION construction
    - Block frame or face mounted

    Possible supports
    - Cellular brick
    - Existing window frame
    - Wood frame
    - Exterior insulation

기술 사양
  • 특징 참조KLPL-Surface
  • 제품군Porte d'entrée monobloc
  • 제품분류KL-PM et PL
  • 유형쇼케이스(모델)
  • 게시일2019-01-31
  • 에디션 넘버1
  • 주 재료알루미늄
  • 부 재료유리
  • 설계국가프랑스
  • 제조국가프랑스
  • BIMobject 카테고리문 - 여닫이 문
  • IFC 분류
  • UNSPSC 이름Doors
  • UNSPSC 코드301715
  • Uniclass 2015 코드Ac_15_50_25
  • Uniclass 2015 설명Doors, windows and glazing surveying
  • CSI 마스터 형식 2014 코드08 13 16
  • CSI 마스터 형식 2014 제목Aluminum Doors
  • OmniClass 제목Aluminum Doors
  • OmniClass 번호23-17 11 13 13
  • CSI 단일 형식 II 코드B2030
  • CSI 단일 형식 II 제목Exterior Doors

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