BIMobject® announces the release of BIManalytics® Core

Emma Möllerberg - 2016-10-21

BIMobject AB (BIMobject) today announces the release of BIManalytics Core, which will be launched during BIMobject LIVe.

This is a completely re-written version of the popular marketing analytics and pre-sales intelligence tool for Building Product Manufacturers connected to the inbound digital marketing of the BIMobject Cloud.

The new version has a new user interface and is optimised to handle a larger amount of data. It has full BIMobject Cloud API support, regional sales definition for local sales representatives with zip codes, new and better administration of user licenses and full support for the new BIMsupply® and BIMobject SpitFire.

As the amount of downloads of BIM objects grows exponentially, the business tools that analyses and presents the pre-sales information also needs to be able to handle large sets of data. More than six million BIM objects have been downloaded from the BIMobject Cloud from more than 600 manufacturers. This means that the tool has to be able to sort, filter and present analytics from a database so large that it is now defined as big data. The new BIManalytics Core has been redeveloped and runs up to ten times faster on the IBM SoftLayer infrastructure.

BIManalytics Core also supports the back-end of BIMsupply and BIMobject SpitFire, which means that all business matching functionality is based on the local sales representative’s region, defined based on a selection of zip codes. This allows manufacturers to add their sales team to BIManalytics Core and build up the regions for each sales representative. With BIMobject SpitFire enabled in a specific country, local sales representatives will be matched against BIM users on product pages, bill of materials and in the 3D spaces.

BIManalytics Core now has the flexibility to report over a wider variety of selections such as time periods and also providing a more detailed information about which BIM systems that are used in each country of the world.

BIManalytics Core also supports smartphones with an App for local sales representatives, BIManalytics Core App. The smartphone App is a quick and easy way to immediately see who is downloading your BIM object and allows for direct communication and engagement with the BIM user. The App will be free of charge, but requires the sales representative to have a BIManalytics Core subscription with a local sales region set up by their BIManalytics Core admin.

BIManalytics Core is faster, easier and smarter than BIManalytics Pro. You can now locate hot prospects, find possible projects and opportunities and quickly communicate and engage with the professionals in the AEC industry.

“The new tool is the most advanced digital pre-sales solution based on BIM ever. It continues to give the manufacturers that implement it a huge advantage over the competition, knowing more and enabling a direct communication with the architects, engineers and specifiers. It is also the base system to allow business matching and business intelligence on a project level, supporting the newly released BIMsupply and BIMobject SpitFire solutions. We have now taken another quantum leap in front of the competition with the launch of BIManalytics Core, we are now more of a business matching solution that will generate real sales and support designers in finding their local sales representative”, says Stefan Larsson CEO and Founder of BIMobject AB.

BIManalytics Core will be showcased during BIMobject LIVe, the annual conference in Malmö, Sweden for Building Product Manufacturers and construction companies. It will be held at the new BIMobject HQ building STUDIO November 2-3, 2016.

For more information, please contact:
Stefan Larsson, CEO
Phone: +46 40- 685 29 00

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