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Fermacell Dry Insulation Infill

Unieke ref.: fermacell_dry-insulation-infill_DE_78012
Fabrikant: Fermacell
Product familie: Flooring
Product groep: Fermacell Accessories
Publicatiedatum: 2017-11-20
Editie nummer: 1
Type: Documentatie (alleen informatie)
Dit product is niet langer beschikbaar als download. Neem contact op met de fabrikant voor meer details.
The fermacell Insulation Infill is excellently suited for the complete thermal insulation of cavities, e.g. in timber joist floors, roof spaces and roof slopes or in single plank walls. It consists of natural perlite and is suitable for new construction or renovation.

If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact the Fermacell technical advisors.

Technical Characteristics:
Building material class according to DIN 4102: A1
Coefficient of thermal conductivity λR: 0,050 W/mK
Grain size: 0 to 5 mm
Dry bulk density: approx. 80 kg/m³
Quantity per m²: approx. 10 litres per cm depth of packing
Vapour diffusion according to DIN 52615: µ=2
Storage: dry

For further technical characteristics, please refer to the attached product documentation.

Primair materiaal: Other
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Netto gewicht (kg): 100

BIMobject categorie: Bouwmaterialen - Isolatie
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  • Germany

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Building Materials - Insulation

Naam Waarde
Application Flooring
Class A1
Material perlite




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Naam Waarde
Material perlite