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Jarvis Hub

Unieke ref.: jarvis-hub
Fabrikant: IOOOTA
Product familie: Home automation
Product groep: Jarvis Hub
Breedte (mm): 147
Hoogte (mm): 60
Diepte (mm): 140
Publicatiedatum: 2019-11-07
Editie nummer: 1
Type: Object (enkelvoudig object)
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Jarvis is a plug & play IoT solution for smart building (houses, offices, accommodation facilities, buildings in general) that enables energy efficiency, comfort, safety and automation with just one point of control and management, even remotely.

A smart solution not only for the management of multiple objects and HVAC systems but that dynamically regulates and automates the execution of rules and scenarios based on third-party events and services (eg the weather), with the main objective of reduce waste and consumption, CO2 emissions, time for repetitive operations and increase room comfort, environmental sustainability and cost savings.

Jarvis Hub, through the use of as many as six (6) different wireless technologies (ie wireless) interacts with different products, of different brands, which are already available on the market (mainly related to security, energy saving, comfort and automation ), allowing the end user to control and manage them, from a single control point (Jarvis App).

Primair materiaal: PC/ABS
Secundair materiaal: PC/ABS
Ontworpen in : Italy
Vervaardigd in : Italy
Netto gewicht (kg): 0.5

BIMobject categorie: Elektronica - Controls
IFC classificatie: Electric Appliance
OmniClass nummer: 23-27 15 00
OmniClass Titel: Building Automation and Control
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  • Italy

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Electronics - Controls

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Voltage 220