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"To me, BIM is not a construction tool, but a facility management tool"

We’re delighted to present Jonas Stenberg of Digital Real Estate Development at ICA Fastigheter as one of our keynote speakers at BIMobject LIVE 2018. We had a chat with him about what he does – and what he hopes to do – from a unique position in a unique company.

With a background as building surveyor, Jonas joined ICA Fastigheter almost three years ago. He explains the company’s role as unique in that they develop properties specifically for the corporation’s own shops. That means that the entire chain of decisions serves ICA’s purpose, and that the property, once built, remains within the corporation. Plots are chosen and drawings created with the profitability of the final shop in mind. Collaborations with other companies such as pharmacies or gyms stem from the same perspective and aim to create natural hubs for people based on their everyday needs.

Clearly, having a life-cycle perspective on property development was already part of the company mindset. Jonas’s department Digital Real Estate Development is still young, but he describes its establishment as the natural next step in the company’s evolution: Considering its size, activities, and position as a player, exploring and utilising the potential of BIM was a given for ICA Fastigheter.

BIM creates a model that all the parties involved can understand and use for discussions from the very onset of a project. Jonas describes how the advantages of this kind of BIM-based communication have been tremendous: “For the first time, we were able to invite facility managers to a planning meeting in order to get their input immediately, instead of after the fact.” Receiving this kind of feedback in the earliest stages of a project saves tremendous time, effort, and costs that a suboptimal building would entail – regardless of whether it is changed or kept.

Jonas stresses how ICA Fastigheter are just as much facility manager as they are client, and points out the significance of BIM precisely for this part of the building life cycle: “To me, BIM is not a construction tool, but a facility management tool. The production costs are only a fragment of what the maintenance and management costs add up to, especially if what you build is meant to last.”

The BIM data that is collected in the initial phases of planning and construction doesn’t just help with initial calculations, but lives on as the production model becomes a management model. Energy data, management guides, or manufacturer information for every little part of the building is easy to fetch in case something needs replacing or upgrading.

One of the biggest benefits that BIM has entailed, says Jonas, is great deal more transparency. That this is the case within individual projects is perhaps obvious, but he observes that BIM has brought about an attitude change in the industry overall: “People are discussing the industry openly in a way that would have been unthinkable just five years ago.”

For his participation at BIMobject LIVE 2018, Jonas is looking forward to joining other industry players at the hub of those discussions: “I’m excited to present my perspective on BIM, but even more so to hear what everyone else has to say about the future of digital building technologies. Some of the people I’ve spoken to are feeling overwhelmed by the fast-paced development, and are trying to wait it out. As far as I can tell, progress won’t be slowing down anytime soon.”

Jonas Stenberg was one of the keynote speakers at BIMobject LIVE 2018 in Malmö, October 9-10. His talk gave the audience an exciting insight into how ICA Fastigheter use BIM and digital building technologies to embrace progress and develop their position on the market.

Elise Monot • Jun 2, 2020

Elise Monot • May 24, 2020


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