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MXA-FMK-20 Flush Mount Kit for 20.3" Modero X® Series Wall Mount Touch Panels

Unieke ref.: amx-00162
Fabrikant: AMX
Product familie: Electronics
Product groep: Cable Transmission and Reception Control Equipment
Publicatiedatum: 2016-09-16
Editie nummer: 1
Type: Object (enkelvoudig object)
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The MXA-FMK-20 Flush Mount Kit allows the Modero X 20.3” Wall Mount Touch Panels to be installed totally flush with the wall or in the normal wall mount position if access ot the side button and enhanced speaker exposure is needed. MXA-FMK-20 is compatible with all Modero X 20.3” Wall Mount Touch Panels including MXD-2001-PAN-P (FG5968-36), MXD-2001-PAN-L (FG5968-37), MXD-2000XL-PAN-P (FG5968-05), MXD-2000XL-PAN-L (FG5968-11), MXD-2000XL-PAN-P-NC (FG5968-33) and MXD-2000XL-PAN-L-NC (FG5968-34). The MXA-FMK-20 is a standalone mounting solution that is not used together with other mounts, such as the Rough-in box.

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