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From concept to completion.

It’s true that 97 of the world’s 100 largest architecture firms use BIMobject. But what about individual designers, do they work with BIM? Today we reached out to Olivier Lekien—an architect based in Paris, France—to ask that very question. 

Olivier graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Liége (BE) in 2013 and immediately began applying his craft by collaborating with agencies such as Baumans-DEFFET Architecture and Urbanism, Designworkshop SA and Lacation & VASSAL. Through these unique experiences Olivier learned how to design on an international scale, which helped sharpen his skills for a lot of current projects. Nowadays he’s focused back home in Paris, working in the private sector on tertiary housing. As a sole proprietor, Olivier offers his exceptional services to other architects, project owners and developers. He’s able to assist in the development of projects at any stage—from concept to completion. 

For every project, big or small. 

When it comes to working in BIM, Olivier prefers ARCHICAD software. The use of 3D objects in a project provide him with a very effective and easy-to-understand communication tool. BIM allows for relevant and essential information to be included at the very beginning of a project. It also allows the owner to see, be aware of, and to have a clear understanding of the entire project. When the project finally reaches the actual construction phase, the owner—in most cases—chooses the product that was specified in the design. 

However, Olivier has noticed that BIM is not fully adopted by all stakeholders of his projects. Which is a wasting time, because there’s a lot of time wasted checking all the information related to the project. Olivier believes there should be no differences between the dimensions planned in the model and the dimensions of the components onsite. 

Not only does Olivier enjoy working with BIM, he appreciates the value of the BIMobject Cloud. Whether he’s designing sanitary products for a bathroom or furniture pieces for a kitchen, the Cloud delivers everything he’s looking for including: 

  • Your search is over—when Olivier searches for a particular object without having any idea of the brand, the filters enable him to find the exact BIM object. 
  • Ideas you can use immediately—the design of the objects published on the Product Pages are great sources for ideas and inspiration. 
  • Discover just how easy it is—the platform is very user-friendly and extremely easy to navigate and download objects. 

Giving you an edge on the competition. 

It’s very satisfying for Olivier to be working in BIM. He can no longer go back to the old ways of using a drawing board and drafting arm. BIM enables him to work faster than his competitors. The objects include all the necessary requirements. They provide an easy platform to discuss all issues at the beginning of the project and anticipate any client’s requests—reducing any problems popping up at the construction site. BIM streamlines the workflow, saving time on architectural research and not wasting time creating automatic drawings. No errors. No confrontations. No misinterpretations. Specified products are the right size from the start of the design to the construction site. BIM is the best possible way to start any project.

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