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Furniture inspired by diversity.

Defined by superior quality, MDD Office Furniture sets the trend for modern workspaces. In fact, their portfolio is one to be reckoned with. The White House. The Louvre. The National Museum of Prehistory. MDD’s posh design solutions combine high functionality with beautifully crafted products. From executive desks to upholstered furniture, the company represents a huge variety of chic, stylish and ultra contemporary reception and work areas. Recently, the brand entered into the digitalization of their goods. BIMobject sat down with Marzena Juklaniuk, Director of Export at MDD to find out more about their business and the journey to BIM.  

Special orders don’t upset us. 

MDD has always specialized in the implementation of unusual orders that attract the most sophisticated tastes. Maybe that’s why they get requests from around the world. Whether it’s the most famous house in Washington D.C. or the greatest museum in Paris—MDD rises to the challenge time and time again. They’re also known to keep good company, aligning with such business partners as Facebook and Spotify. The success of their business has enabled them to work on a more personal project—their headquarters in Bydgoszcz. MDD’s offices are not only their workplace, it also serves as their showroom. Potential clients can actually see the furniture in use and take into account the behavior of the end user. They basically turned their home into a showcase and it became the ultimate sales tool. 

The best possible start. 

With an impressive resume of custom office spaces, MDD was ready to make the digitalization of their products a reality. After several architect inquiries from around the world, the company realized having BIM files would translate into a greater likelihood of their products getting specified. Plus, the brand is no stranger when comes to new ideas. The decision to go BIM paid off bigtime. On the first day of publishing their files on the BIMobject platform, they had over 1200 downloads!

The future is in the bag.

What’s next for MDD? The company sees a bright future ahead. BIMobject has enabled them to gain a significant advantage over their competition. Marzena and the team at MMD are now fully aware that many people work primarily with digital replicas of products. And with BIM gaining popularity on a global scale, they’re poised for further growth. 

Check out their 28 product families and 12,176 downloads here. 

Ana Patricia Martínez Menéndez • Sep 22, 2020

Elise Monot • Sep 16, 2020


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