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Window of opportunity.

When you’re wanting to capture that breath-taking view from within, take a look at FAKRO. They offer a whole group of roof windows, skylights and loft ladders for your attic. In fact, this Polish company is the most dynamic and fastest growing roof manufacturer in the world. Twenty-eight years and four-thousand employees later, FAKRO discovered a new window of opportunity—make their products available as digital replicas (BIM objects). So we decided to drop in and see for ourselves how things are progressing.

Nothing succeeds like success. 

FAKRO’s Head of Marketing—Slawomir Gawlik—let us in on the company’s history, achievements and the digitalization of their product line. What started as a small family-ran business has grown into achieving vice-leader status in the global market. Their network includes 11 manufacturing facilities, 17 distribution companies and over 100 engineers are dedicated just to research and development. FAKRO is intensely focused on bettering wooden and aluminum-clad plastic windows in a variety of designs and opening methods. They also provide flat roof windows, flashings, access roof lights, light tunnels, smoke ventilation and loft ladders. They’ve been recognized as the best garnering Iconic, German Design and Reddot Awards.  

Always open to new ideas. 

In 2016 FAKRO partnered with BIMobject. However they actually worked with BIM models prior to that, but mainly in Revit with no parameters. Since then all product data has been added and they’ve developed ARCHICAD files as well. Plus Slawomir says their digital replicas are available in four languages: Polish, English, German and French. The metadata is updated regularly to ensure all standards are met and to provide architects with the right information. 

Reaching a global audience was a deciding factor for FAKRO in selecting BIMobject’s platform. They wanted to be a contender when architects from around the world search for roof windows. Slawomir said that BIManalytics helps his team directly contact architects that are downloading their products. They’re able to communicate faster. Having BIM objects readily-available for all those looking for your particular style of product is a must. It’s fast becoming the standard by which all others are measured.   

To check out FAKRO’s over 40 product families and 40,024 downloads click here

Elise Monot • Sep 16, 2020

Elise Monot • Sep 16, 2020


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