Felsysteem gevel (430 mm, verticaal, prePATINA graphite-grey)Felsysteem gevel (430 mm, verticaal, prePATINA graphite-grey)
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Felsysteem gevel (430 mm, verticaal, prePATINA graphite-grey)

The angled standing seam is formed similar to the double standing seam except the final fold is turned parallel to the cladding surface. The resulting 12 mm wide seam creates a strong line definition. The standard panel width is 430 mm, the height of the seam is approx. 25 mm. The minimum roof pitch is 25° (47%) or 35° (70%) for areas with high snow loads, a fully supporting substrate is required. Special shapes such as convex and concave curves or tapered panels can be produced without any problem.
Technische specificatie
  • Unieke ref.RZK010004
  • ProductfamilieZinc cladding
  • ProductgroepAngled Standing Seam Facade (430 mm, vertical, prePATINA graphite-grey)
  • TypeObject (enkelvoudig object)
  • Publicatiedatum2019-03-01
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  • HoofdmateriaalZink
  • Categorie BIMobjectBouw - Dak