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AHPM-1890 Modular Water Source Heat Pump

Unik ref.: aosmith-AHPM-1890
Merke: A. O. Smith
Produktfamilie: Split Systems Heat Pump
Produktgruppe: Modular Water Source
Dato for publisering: 2020-08-06
Versjon nummer / utgave nummer: 2
Skriv: Presentasjon (modell)
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The A. O. Smith AHPM-1890 is a modular water-to-water heat pump water heater designed to be an energy-efficient, zero-emissions solution for your commercial water heating needs.


*  Up to 160°F maximum water temperature
• Ambient operating range of 40-120°F
• Absorbs heat from water sources, including
return chiller water, process and groundwater
• Environmentally-friendly R134a refrigerant
• Double wall condenser for potable water heating
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
• BACnet compatible logic controller optional



The HEAT PUMP shall be A. O. Smith Model AHPM-1890 having a heating capacity capable of 1,939,700 BTU/h and cooling capacity of 1,475,600 BTU/h.

The HEAT PUMP shall have a scroll compressor, factory charged with R134a refrigerant, NSF61-approved stainless steel circulator pump, and double-wall stainless steel condenser for potable water applications. The HEAT PUMP shall be equipped with a stainless steel single-wall heat exchanger evaporator. The complete heat pump assembly shall carry a one (1) year limited warranty.

The HEAT PUMP refrigerant circuit shall contain an adjustable thermal expansion valve, receiver, accumulator, serviceable filter drier and service ports for refrigerant gauges.
The HEAT PUMP shall be certified and listed by TUV to CSA C22.2 No. 236:2015, UL 1995:2015-07 standards. The HEAT PUMP shall be certified for indoor and/or outdoor installation.
The HEAT PUMP shall be constructed with a heavy gauge aluminum jacket assembly and painted on both sides.
The HEAT PUMP shall utilize a 24 VDC control circuit and components. The control system shall have a display (PLC Option) for HEAT PUMP set-up, HEAT PUMP status and HEAT PUMP diagnostics. All components shall be easily accessed and serviceable. The HEAT PUMP shall be equipped with low and high refrigerant pressure switches short-cycle control outlet water temperature sensor and return water temperature sensor.
The HEAT PUMP shall have an optional control for “Cascade” to sequence and rotate while maintaining operation of up to eight HEAT PUMPs of same BTU inputs.
The HEAT PUMP shall be capable of controlling a valve (single pass option) that maintains constant delivery temperature to the storage tank. The HEAT PUMP shall have an optional gateway device which will allow integration with BACnet.

The HEAT PUMP shall be equipped with terminal strips for electrical connections. A low voltage connection board shall have connection points for safety and operating controls, i.e., alarm contacts, runtime contacts and tank thermostat. A high voltage terminal strip shall be provided for supply voltage connection. Supply voltage shall be 208-230V/3PH/60Hz, 440-480V/3PH/60Hz, or 575V/3PH/60Hz.
The HEAT PUMP shall be suitable for use with polypropylene glycol, up to 50% concentration. The de-rate associated with the glycol will vary per glycol manufacturer. 


The HEAT PUMP shall be constructed in accordance with the code requirements as standard equipment.

Hoved materialet : Steel
Sekundært materiale:
Designet i: United States
Produsert i: United States
Vekt Net (Lbs): 9100

BIMobject Kategori: VVS - Water heaters
IFC klassifisering: Electric Appliance
Uniclass 2015 Kode: Pr_60_60_96
Uniclass 2015 Beskrivelse: Water heaters
OmniClass-nummer: 23-31 29 00
OmniClass-tittel: Hot Water Heaters
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