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The EDILTECO® Group was founded in San Felice Sul Panaro, close to Modena, Italy, in 1981.

The Group began by producing lightweight aggregates and ready-to-use mortar.

After establishing itself in the construction industry, the EDILTECO® brand now has an international reach, offering multi-response systems and products in terms of insulation and comfort for all types of building.

The Group is able to provide the appropriate response to the increasingly rigorous requirements of thermal and acoustic regulations.

The EDILTECO® Group occupies a leading position in the development of technologies concerning production and application, associated with the use of a lightweight thermo-acoustic mortar made from expanded polystyrene beads.

Today, the EDILTECO® Group possesses the largest and most modern range of ready-to-use products to create substrates for coatings and screed, as well as a complete range of external thermal insulation and sprayable insulating mortar.

The EDILTECO® Group has acquired multiple skills making it an essential partner in the construction industry.

On an international level, the EDILTECO® Group has created subsidiaries as well as franchise contracts with numerous companies in order to set up local production under licence.

It provides them with the know-how, the special components and the technical and marketing assistance essential to opening new local markets.

Besides Europe, the Group is present in many countries in the East, South America, as well as North Africa and South Africa.

Created in 2001, Edilteco's French subsidiary is in the Pays de la Loire region, close to the town of Cholet. It benefits from all the Group's expertise, making its various construction solutions available to both new builds and renovations.

Since it was formed, the company has focused the objectives of its development policy on innovation, thus improving product performance while increasing simplicity and reducing application time.

Set up in 2005 in Saint Germain sur Moine (Pays de la Loire), Edilteco France's production unit manufactures and markets EPS aggregates for mortar and lightweight concrete, ready-to-use lightweight mortar and innovative external thermal insulation systems.

At the end of 2010, Edilteco France took over EPS Cement International, the business activity of PolyCiment®. With an innovative, high-performance, standardised offer corresponding to today's problems in the construction industry, Edilteco France and its distribution chain meet a growing demand among companies, from the smallest to the biggest.

Produced locally, its products naturally fall under the scope of sustainable development and respect for the environment. They also contribute to the regeneration of the built heritage and provide high-performance solutions for new low-energy buildings.

Two production lines were launched at the beginning of 2015 to produce polystyrene boards for ETI systems.
Four business centres are spread over 3700 m², two of which are dedicated to the manufacturing and transformation of polystyrene blocks into boards for ETI, as well as the manufacturing of the ECAP® system.

The two other centres are dedicated to the laboratory that analyses and controls the quality and conformity of the products for the certifications and labels (CE marking, ACERMI, etc.) acquired by EDILTECO® products; as well as logistics, and the preparation and follow-up of the orders.

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