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We chat with Bruce Carriere, Account Manager, Extrusion, Chad Fletcher, Account Manager, and Kyryl Lashun, Digital Marketing Manager at AkzoNobel Industrial Coatings about their BIM strategy!  

AkzoNobel is one of the key players in Paints & Coatings, 34.000 people, 150 countries and now AkzoNobel Trinar coatings are available on BIM platforms!

TRINAR is AkzoNobel’s finest and most versatile liquid spray extrusion coating. It is a two-coat system that contains 70% PVDF resin. TRINAR provides long term beauty for a wide range of metal building components such as panel systems, curtain walls, window systems, louvers, canopies, mullions, store fronts, and aluminum composite panels.

TRINAR is available in a wide array of preformulated colors, including pearlescent and metallic finishes, that blend well with most collateral construction materials. TRINAR exhibits excellent performance in all environmental conditions with superior color retention due to premium pigmentation. All TRINAR systems meet or exceed the requirements of AAMA 2605, the most recognized specification for fenestration coatings in the world. TRINAR coatings are also available in our COOL CHEMISTRY Series which contains infrared reflective pigments. This pigmentation increases solar reflectivity and helps reduce energy costs associated with cooling, especially when combined with cool metal roofing.

TRINAR coatings are providing protection for architectural metal on all types of buildings and locations around the globe

In which markets do you work? Within our Industrial Coatings business unit, we provide a complete range of coil and extrusion coatings for the metal construction industry, including residential, agricultural, and commercial applications (monumental or low-rise).

What types of clients are you used to working with?  Within the Extrusion coatings segment we work with architects (global and regional projects), specifiers (fabricators), building owners, and applicators for whom we provide high-performance coatings with unique appearances and extensive track record, as well as excellent service and fast color matching.

A high engagement and a global digital strategy - BIM improves speed and efficiency of the specification process

For what reasons has your company been engaged in a BIM approach?

AkzoNobel has world leading expertise color digitization. We recognize BIM as an excellent way to share the information with architects and specifiers digitally and improve the speed and efficiency of the specification process. In fact, architects and designers can benefit from an efficient digital workflow.

We were involved with various BIM platforms in the past and currently want to increase accessibility to our color libraries by partnering with BIMobject. Our products are available on both platforms BIMobject and Polantis (which are the same company)

TRINAR BIM objects on

Architects and designers can instantly access AkzoNobel Trinar color libraries, and use them in the leading design software such as Autodesk Revit to design and render new projects as well as specify products. Through the BIMobject Cloud and with BIM objects, our extrusion coatings products gain visibility and availability of color libraries for the architects and specifiers.

Example of a project: Hudson Yards, NY Project 

Example of the project: Hudson Yards, NY
Example of the project: Hudson Yards, NY

Taller than the Empire State Building, 10 Hudson Yards features AkzoNobel’s industrial coatings. AkzoNobel Industrial Coatings provided liquid coatings for the towers, which provide modern buildings with extreme levels of durability and sustainability.

To conclude,

In the new environment, the digital workflow will be a preferable option, therefore it is important to continue enhancing digital processes and communication to improve connectivity between the stakeholders of the building & construction community.

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