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New innovation from Tork!

Planning restrooms for large numbers of visitors puts high demands on your hygiene systems. Big crowds can cause big problems with overcrowded or dirty washrooms at venues like airports or stadiums. That’s why the global hygiene brand Tork has developed a new type of hand towel system – Tork PeakServe® – specifically tailored to high-traffic areas. The hand towel dispenser has, of course, been made available as BIM objects for easy integration into your designs.

Large crowds put heavy stress on public washrooms and their equipment. Refills such as soap and paper run out fast. Cleaning staff have a hard time keeping up and even accessing the washroom during the busiest hours. New research also shows that guests consider dirty and overcrowded washrooms to be the biggest issue at high-traffic venues like sports stadiums.

“Until today, facility managers have had to choose between the high capacity of roll towels and more flexibly refilled folded towels. We have created a revolutionary hybrid from the best of both worlds. Some people might say ‘this is just hand drying’, but it's actually the most significant innovation within the field in 20 years. Visitors will feel the difference”, says Karin Ahlenius, Senior Product Manager at Tork.

Available as BIM objects
Making Tork PeakServe® dispensers available as BIM objects in the industry’s most popular formats is an important part of the Tork offer. The digital versions of the dispensers make them easy to incorporate into your projects to visualise your washroom designs in 3D. The new Tork PeakServe® is available in black and white for ArchiCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Vectorworks 2017, and AutoCAD.

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Quick facts about Tork PeakServe®

• One-at-a-time dispensing with a continuous flow of paper towels – without interruption
• Highest capacity on the market – fits 2,100 towels in a single dispenser
• Serves a towel in 3 seconds – compared to at least 10 seconds drying time for market- leading air dryers
• Can be refilled twice as fast and extra towels can be topped up anytime
• Stores twice as many towels per cubic metre thanks to highly compressed bundles

Tork PeakServe® in high-traffic venues Projects

Tork PeakServe® is the perfect hand towel system for high-traffic venues like sports stadiums, concert venues, airports, and shopping centres. Explore the new dispenser on the Tork website!

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Available in black and white

Tork PeakServe® is available in both black and white. Which one is your favourite? Download the BIM object for your project today!

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