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Coalesce - Luxury Vinyl Tile
Coalesce - Luxury Vinyl Tile
Coalesce - Luxury Vinyl Tile
Coalesce - Luxury Vinyl Tile
Coalesce - Luxury Vinyl Tile

    Coalesce - Luxury Vinyl Tile

    An Interconnected Balance

    Everything in nature is interconnected. As time passes, eras of life begin and end, and the repetition continues. Coalesce draws on the connectivity of nature and humankind, merging unexpected combinations of pattern into a cohesive, balanced story. Each design was influenced by the transformation of earthly materials into textiles and mosaics from the energy of the artisan touch.

    Inspired by mosaic artisan techniques, Geome features a geometric pattern with subtle slight color shifts and Oxidize has an anodized metal look, similar to glazed ceramic. Both designs are available in 18 in. x 36 in. tiles. Atro, Nona and Decima were designed as a trinity, each one with a unique, yet unified texture represented in neutral colors. Use them together or independently to create a unique space.

    *Proudly Made in the USA*

    • Construction - Solid Vinyl Tile (Luxury Vinyl Tile / LVT) International Specifications - ASTM F 1700, Class III, Type B embossed surface Overall Thickness - 0.100 in. (2.5 mm) Wear Layer Thickness - 0.020 in. (0.5 mm) Factory Finish - Diamond 10® Technology Installation - Adhesives: S-995, S-319 Roll Strong™, S-1000 Maintenance Options - No Polish - No Buff, Polish Optional
    Specyfikacja techniczna
    • Nr referencyjnycoalesce-luxury-vinyl-tile
    • Rodzina produktuCommercial Flooring
    • Grupa produktuLVT
    • TypObiekt (jeden obiekt)
    • Data publikacji2023-10-31
    • Numer edycji1
    Dodatkowe informacje
    • Materiał głównyPłyta winylowa
    • Zaprojektowano wStany Zjednoczone
    • Wyprodukowano wStany Zjednoczone
    • Kategoria BIMobjectPodłogi - Vinyl
    • Uniclass 2015 CodeSs_30_42_72
    • Uniclass 2015 DescriptionResilient and textile floor covering systems
    • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code09 65 16.23
    • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitleVinyl Sheet Flooring

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