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EcoScreen® Exterior Perforated Screenwall Panels

Odniesienie unikalne: nst43703
Producent: CENTRIA
Rodzina produktu: Walls
Grupa produktu: Metal Wall Cladding Panels
Data publikacji: 2016-08-04
Numer edycji: 1
Typ: Obiekt (jeden obiekt)
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EcoScreen® Perforated Screenwall 

EcoScreen Perforated Screenwalls are created through a unique fabrication process that utilizes 20 gauge stainless steel and 0.040" [1] painted aluminum. The result is a 10% - 40% open area that provides an airy aesthetic that controls light and air movement, while elegantly blending industrial and other applications with their surroundings. EcoScreen panels may be installed horizontally or vertically.

EcoScreen Perforated Screenwalls provide an airy aesthetic and a distinctive way to blend industrial and other applications with their surroundings. The perforation pattern is available in a wide variety of options, and allows for air circulation and natural light to pass through, while providing additional security and unique aesthetic appeal.

Features & Benefits

  • Conserve valuable energy to minimize heat loss or gain
  • Incorporate liner panels, subgirts, varying thicknesses of noncombustible fiberglass insulation and any CENTRIA exposed fastener or concealed fastener panel for a complete field-assembled wall system
  • High Thermal Values, depending on insulation
  • Provides a flush appearance to building interiors
  • Perforated liner panels available for tested acoustical performance
  • Firewall systems

EcoScreen® Exterior Perforated Screenwall Panels Specifications

  • Substrate:
    • 24-18 gauge G-90 galvanized steel
  • Surface Finish:
    • Smooth or embossed
  • Panel Width:
    • 24"
  • Panel Length:
    • 30' max
  • Panel Thickness
    • L2- 1 3/8"
    • L2-2 - 2"
    • L2-3 - 3"
    • L21A - 1 1/2" (for interior partitions)
  • Coatings & Colors
    • Available in a wide range of coil-coated colors and finishes.

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Zaprojektowane w: United States
Wyprodukowane w: United States

Kategoria BIMobject: Ściany - Elewacja
Produkt jest dostępny w:
North America
  • United States

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