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Odniesienie unikalne: CUBIK
Producent: Valsir
Rodzina produktu: In-Wall Flush Cisterns
Grupa produktu: Cubik
Data publikacji: 2016-04-11
Numer edycji: 1
Typ: Montaż (wiele obiektów)
Pobierz (2)
Ideal cistern for space exploitation

The product characteristics of Cubik make it perfect for installation in duct walls with the possibility of connecting the cistern to the pan with a flexible flush pipe.
The possibility of an offset installation of up to 700 mm and a front or top operation complete its characteristics of maximum versatility.

Cubik block dual flush in-wall cistern
Valsir Cubik in-wall cistern in HDPE supplied with pneumatic dual flush valve with option of two flush volumes of 3/6 litres in compliance with CE EN14055-CLI-6/7-NLI-VRI.
Possibility of front or top control, depth of 180 mm, lined internally with polystyrene.
Supplied with D 56 flush pipe and D 45 outlet, flexible connection/stop valve (removable type from flanged fitted for maintenance) and removable stop valve (square type for total closure of the water inlet hole), mounted on tubular metal frame painted black using the cataphoretic painting process.
Provided with 200 mm feet that are adjustable in height and can be turned parallel or perpendicular to the frame, supplied with brackets with extension for fixing at a distance of up to 170 mm from the wall, D 90/110 - 90/100 (PVC) wall waste bend, connection pipes and fixing material for the cistern and pan.
Frame in compliance with EN 997 in relation to 400 kg load bearing test for mounting wall-hung pans with anchoring to floor.
The cistern can be offset up to 70 cm from the WC.
Dimensions of standard control plate: 215x145x15 mm.

Główny materiał: Polypropylene
Materiał wtórny: Mineral
Zaprojektowane w: Italy
Wyprodukowane w: Italy

Kategoria BIMobject: Sanitary - Toilet Cisterns
Klasyfikacja IFC: Sanitary Terminal
Nazwa UNSPSC: Plumbing fixtures
Kod UNSPSC: 3018
Uniclass 1.4 Kod: L72164
Uniclass 1.4 Opis: WC cisterns
Uniclass 2.0 Kod: PR-35-93-90
Uniclass 2.0 Opis: Wc Cisterns
NBS Reference Kod: 35-93-90
NBS Reference Opis: Wc Cisterns

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