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Straight talk on BIMobject with insulbar

 Straight talk on BIMobject.

Today we’re talking with Daniele Saibene, General Manager of insulbar—makers of plastic, thermal insulating bars that separate the inside and outside shells of metal frames used in windows, doors and facade construction. Insulbar is also the flagship brand of Ensinger—a global producer of high performance plastics for the last 50 years. Now, let’s find out just how this company benefits from BIMobject.

 Tell us a little bit about insulbar.

Insulbar thermal break products create the separation between the inside and outside shells of metal frames. These profiles achieve optimum energy savings by cutting heating and cooling costs. All solutions exceed the highest standards from single raw materials to solid and expandable polyamides to blends of expanded polymers with recycled polyamides for further improved sustainability. Insulbar has been successfully making insulating profiles for over 40 years as part of Ensinger GmbH with over 2500 employees in 33 offices worldwide.   

Why BIMobject?

Besides the fact that is becoming increasingly popular amongst architects and designers, for us it’s a means of reaching our target market—design studios. The platform enables us to get physical, mechanical and three-dimensional characteristics of our products in front of the very individuals who specify them. This unique visibility prompted our decision to partner with BIMobject in January of 2019.  

The gains are all yours.

Our challenge was trying to reach a target that is way down the line in the supply chain. Now  our products are no longer hidden. This strengthens our relationship with designers and increases our brand awareness amongst their own clientele.  

Is insulbar actively involved in the development of BIM objects?

No. Although we have content developers on staff, we’ve relied on BIMobject to create our objects based on the property information and metadata provided by our technical department. The evolutionary BIMscript process delivers flawless files in several different formats including CATIA, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, IGES, NX, JT, Inventor, and Pro E.  

How important are BIM objects for manufacturers?

I think if manufacturers aren’t on board already, they’re missing the boat. is the perfect platform for delivering the right information necessary during the entire development of a project. Data is transferred more fluidly with accurate, up-to-date properties from a single source of truth. A designer’s work is now simplified, being able to search for qualified suppliers that meet specific requirements. The time saved makes a huge difference in cost and efficiency.

Any advice for those manufacturers missing the boat?

Change is inevitable. You either adapt or you get left behind. This technological evolution that’s taking place in the AECO industry is of the utmost importance if you want your products specified in future projects. Since aligning with, insulbar is now able to reach 1.6 million architects daily, putting our profiles out in the forefront where they belong. 

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