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Turning the spotlight on Italprofili

At BIMobject, we like to recognize the latest manufacturers that publish their content on our platform. Today, we’re chatting with Marco Gottardo, Director of Research and Development for Italprofili—which specializes in roofing, foundation and cementitious waterproofing accessories including liquid membranes. Within the last few years however, the company has been intensely focused on adjustable paving support systems for raised floors. First step, Italprofili established a firm base with BIMobject.

Outstanding support means outstanding performance. 

Italprofili began populating the BIMobject platform with their extraordinary Special and Special Light paving support systems for elevated floors. Both products are perfect for turning impractical areas into practical places. They enable the passage of cables and pipes that are normally visible in offices, shops and work environments. Furthermore—to stop water from coming in—Italprofili has also published a complete line of roof drains and siphon units with lateral dischargers. These goods are primarily used in bituminous waterproofing for flat and pitched roofs.

What brought you to BIMobject?

Within the last three years, Italprofili has begun a company-wide process of profound renewal. We’re putting a great deal of effort into fostering close relationships with architects and designers, directly introducing them to our new building materials. BIMobject provides us with a platform to publish the files our audience needs to create more intellectual projects. And now we’ve got a direct flow of communication with industry-leading professionals. Our company has identified tremendous growth potential with BIMobejct and we consider them to be our partner in success. 

Diving deeper with designers. 

BIMobject enables us to reach an exceptional level with designers. We’re able to deliver honest and open communication pertaining to our products’ performance characteristics over the competition. From technical specifications to functional applications, all design options and exact dimensions—a BIM object fully encompassess every finely engineered detail.  

BIM begins with the manufacturer. 

It’s a coming of age for a whole generation within the construction industry— digitalization, information, metadata—everything is now housed in a single source of truth. BIM objects are increasingly becoming the intelligent solution to help manufacturers compete and succeed in the years ahead. They provide fast, clear and concrete answers to architects seeking top quality, intellectually-rich files. Designers have now become inspired to push innovation without reservation because lack of knowledge has changed to packed with knowledge. Traditional channels held a lot of “What if’s? back. BIM objects now knock that door down. Believe me, there is huge potential for all manufacturers just beginning on their digital journeys. Italprofili only joined with BIMobject in 2018, and we’ve already seen a difference on our bottom line. 

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Carol Ping • Dec 11, 2019

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