etiKa Evo mod. C - Condensing boiler for only heating

etiKa Evo condensing wall boiler for only heating, very energy efficient and compact size, guarantees high performance thanks to its wide modulation (1:10) which allows it to adapt better to all system solutions. It is also characterized by simple electronics but with ample adjustment possibilities. Added to this is high reliability thanks to the AISI 316 steel exchanger, which guarantees long life and high mechanical performance. The etiKa Evo condensing boiler is available in the following versions:

- X25C with nominal power output of 24 kW
- X30C with nominal power output of 29 kW

- 4 star energy efficiency with a nominal yield of 108%
- Clean combustion and belonging to the least polluting class (class 6)

Why choose the etiKa Evo?

- Energy saving: etiKa Evo is a condensing boiler that allows a saving of 30% thanks to its high heat exchange.
- Durability: etiKa Evo is a condensing boiler designed to last over time thanks to the materials with which it is built.
- Efficiency: has a 4-star energy level marking according to the 92/42 / EEC Efficiency Directive.
- Innovative technology: the boiler has an electronic system for managing all the safety and control functions with a digital reading display.
- Easy maintenance: the particular geometry of the combustion chamber, the micro-flame burner and the internal conformation determine perfect combustion in all conditions and minimize cleaning interventions.
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