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BIMobject delivers more than one million downloads for Roca.

Roca is a 100 year-old worldwide reference company that manufacturers ceramic bathroom products. They reside in 170 markets, own 78 production plants and employee 22,000 people the world over. They’re also one of the first brands on the BIMobject platform to surpass the one million download mark. 

We took some time to reach out to Miguel Ángel Heras, Head of Marketing Communications at the Roca Group, so we could hear firsthand just what his thoughts are on achieving this milestone. 

Back to where it all began. 

Back in 2014, Miguel recognized that BIM was beginning to take off and so he started to investigate the various platforms that were hosting this type of new content. But what led him to BIMobject? A true point of difference—the Single Source of Truth (SSOT). See the Roca Group is a company that produces tens of thousands of products with multiple brands in a plethora of markets. Roca realized that with BIM fast becoming the norm, they had to be able to control the digital content, its validity and availability. BIMobject’s SSOT ensures that all product information is always up-to-date on all the published and syndicated channels where its represented. 

One more reason why...the dimension of confidence that came from BIMobject’s founder Stefan Larsson and his team. They had the right strategy, boundless vision and were ready to take on the high stakes involved with this project. Everything sounded like BIMobject would dominate the industry. Lo and behold, Miguel made the right decision.

Always moving forward. 

Turns out, BIMobject has become a vital source of information for Roca. Controlling all the data associated with the downloads has become their main focus going into 2020. They’re in the process of creating marketing automation methodologies. With the large volumes of data generated by the over one million downloads on BIMobject, managing them manually has become unfeasible. By streamlining the process, it will enable Roca to manage, nurture and qualify leads. This will make them tooled for efficiency and improve the overall customer journey. 

Miguel and everyone at the Roca Group is very happy and extremely proud of reaching the million mark milestone. It’s all about having your products readily-available to anyone in the world, downloadable in the formats they want. And if you’re a manufacturer of construction materials, you have to be on BIMobject. BIM is becoming a widespread standard. Or for Miguel, it’s been that way since 2014. 

Check out Roca’s 2,041 product families and +1 million downloads here. 

Elise Monot • Sep 16, 2020

Elise Monot • Sep 16, 2020


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