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Our company has its roots in the village of Sahakylä, in Kyngäs, Pudasjärvi. Building materials of various types have been cut in this location, from local timber, for more than 200 years. Over the years, our northern close-grained timber has been the material of choice for a wide range of customers and uses, from battleships of the Royal Navy to today’s demanding Asian markets.

The company was established in its present form in the late 1970s. From the beginning, our aim has been to manufacture high-quality windows and doors that last for decades, or even centuries – the entire life span of the building. We have been inspired by the beautiful windows of the Pudasjärvi church, completed in 1781, and the craftsmanship of their makers.

For us, the sun has always risen in the east. In the ’90s, we learnt how to combine the Japanese Masame cutting technique and traditional methods for cutting slowly grown northern timber. The exceptionally high quality standards set by our Japanese customers have helped us to focus on getting even the smallest of details right – a new approach in the Finnish window-manufacturing industry.

Over the past decade, Profin has become synonymous with high-quality glass sliding doors. We combine the latest state-of-the-art technology with traditional craftsmanship. We are Finland’s leading supplier of glass sliding doors both for those building their own home and to the construction industry.

Everything we do is based on solid partnership. We work in close collaboration with house-builders, architects, and the Finnish construction industry in general. We have decades of experience from Finland and beyond. We look to the future with optimism and confidence.

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